Arch: Plasma Desktop

Well-Known User Directories

Install the XDG utils package:

sudo pacman -S xdg-user-dirs

The home folder directories will be generated on new login, or if manually updated:


Base Xorg system

Install the base display server system:

sudo pacman -S xf86-video-intel xorg-server xorg-apps

Desktop Environment

Install the KDE Plasma 5 packages:

sudo pacman -S plasma

Display Manager

Install SDDM:

sudo pacman -S sddm

Configure SDDM as the primary display manager on the system:

sudo systemctl enable sddm 
sudo systemctl start sddm

File Manager

Install the default KDE file manager:

sudo pacman -S dolphin

Power Management

sudo pacman -S acpid powertop tlp powerdevil

Make sure the services are running:

systemctl status tlp



sudo pacman -S bluez blues-utils bluedevil

Enable the bluetooth service:

sudo systemctl enable --now bluetooth.service


Consistent theming

Consistent theming for Plasma with GTK applications.

sudo pacman -S breeze-gtk kde-gtk-config