Protonmail Bridge on OpenBSD


Install golang and GNU make:

pkg_add go gmake password-store

Make sure the go packages are in the PATH:

export PATH="${PATH}:$(go env GOPATH)/bin"

Password manager (Pass)

Create a GPG key for Pass to use (Has no password)

gpg --batch --passphrase '' --quick-gen-key 'ProtonMail Bridge' default default never

Initialize the password store (if not already done):

pass init <GPG_KEY_ID>

pass git init


Clone the source tree:

git clone

Copy one file (Allows the TLS library to be installed)

cp internal/config/tls/cert_store_linux.go internal/config/tls/cert_store_openbsd.go

Compile the software:

TARGET_OS="linux" gmake build-nogui